Dr Sach Mohan

Founder & Cosmetic Physician

Dr. Sabika Karim

Dr Sabika Karim

Medical Director

Welcome to Revere Clinics

Revere Clinics are internationally recognised specialists in non-invasive face and body procedures for men and women. Our industry-leading doctors have created a number of pioneering treatments for fat loss, achieving exceptional results and boast a very loyal clientele from all around the world.

Over the last five years CoolSculpting has become one of our flagship treatments. Under the guidance of our founders, Dr Sabika Karim and Dr Sach Mohan, Revere has become the destination for those discerning patients, looking to shape and sculpt targeted areas.

At Revere, we continued to develop our protocols and didn’t stop until we could consistently deliver astounding results for larger parts of the body, without the hassle and risks of liposuction and surgery, and with virtually no downtime.

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CoolSculpting is the world’s number 1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure. With $70 million spent on research and development, ensuring its safety and effectiveness, it’s the only FDA-approved fat freezing treatment. Beware of cheap imitations.


Fat cells affected by CoolSculpting treatment are eliminated from your body forever. Revere has proven it by hundreds of successful and long lasting results in almost 5 years of practice.


CoolSculpting affects and eliminates fat cells without surgery and with virtually no downtime. Many Revere patients return to their normal activities immediately after treatment. Our results provide an effective alternative to liposuction.


During your private consultation our doctors will prepare a unique, tailor-made treatment plan based on your individual needs and desires. If you can grab it, Revere can treat it.

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