case study 6

Alex Cam
Does CoolSculpting work?
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Alex is giving the final verdict on his
CoolSculpting journey and his treatment results.
To say he’s over the moon is understatement.

case study 5

The unveiling of the
CoolSculpting results
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Alex returns to the clinic 8 weeks after his
CoolSculpting very cynical about the results.
Dr Sach Mohan let the before and after images
do the talking. Alex’s reaction is priceless.

case study 4

Alex Cam
Post CoolSculpting reaction
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After spending two days at Revere Clinic, Alex
describes what his body feels like after 14 cycles
of CoolSculpting.

case study 3

Alex Cam
How does CoolSculpting feel?
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Alex is now midway through his treatment and
gives us an honest feedback on his CoolSculpting
journey so far.

case study 2

Mapping and treatment
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Dr Karim demonstrates Revere’s special mapping
technique that sets the clinic apart from
everyone else and commences Alex’s treatment.

case study 1

Consultation at Revere Clinics
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Alex discusses his concerns with Dr Sabika Karim,
his hang ups about his body and
fascination with the CoolSculpting treatment.