Alex Henry is a vibrant and talented make-up artist, who found his fame working for big beauty and fashion names such as MAC Cosmetics, Disney, Dior and Coach. Being the king of contouring and facial transformation, he’s now a household name on Body Fixers on Channel E4, which started broadcasting in September 2016.

Alex’s quest for perfection led him to Revere Clinics for his own body transformation with CoolSculpting earlier this year and we were proud to be entrusted as his body fixers. Watch Revere videos and Alex’s witty and candid video blog, taking you through his CoolSculpting journey step by step from pre-treatment nerves to his fabulous results.

Consultation at Revere Clinics
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Alex discusses his concerns with Dr Sabika Karim,
his hang ups about his body and
fascination with the CoolSculpting treatment.

Mapping and treatment
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Dr Karim demonstrates Revere’s special mapping
technique that sets the clinic apart from
everyone else and commences Alex’s treatment.

Alex Cam
How does CoolSculpting feel?
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Alex is now midway through his treatment and
gives us an honest feedback on his CoolSculpting
journey so far.

Alex Cam
Post CoolSculpting reaction
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After spending two days at Revere Clinic, Alex
describes what his body feels like after 14 cycles
of CoolSculpting.

The unveiling of the
CoolSculpting results
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Alex returns to the clinic 8 weeks after his
CoolSculpting very cynical about the results.
Dr Sach Mohan let the before and after images
do the talking. Alex’s reaction is priceless.

Alex Cam
Does CoolSculpting work?
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Alex is giving the final verdict on his
CoolSculpting journey and his treatment results.
To say he’s over the moon is understatement.

Test 2

“I couldn’t be happier about the result, CoolSculpting is definitely BIG news”

* Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary.