How much does CoolSculpting cost and is Revere more expensive than its competitors?

CoolSculpting® prices are based on the number of “treatment cycles” that need to be delivered. A treatment cycle typically starts at £700, so treating arms is usually quoted at £1,400 (one cycle per arm).
However, as we all know, patients come in various sizes, and fat distribution varies. We have lean patients that have just a localised stubborn area that only require 2 cycles, and others who would require in excess of 40 cycles over various body areas. Thankfully, we have a sliding scale price, so the more cycles you have, the cheaper it gets. If you need in excess of 8 cycles, then you’ll be expecting to spend the same amount you would do if you were having surgery. At Revere, you will get the results of liposuction, without risks and downtime associated with surgery!
We also continually monitor prices at reputable clinics worldwide to ensure that our pricing is fair. However, our focus is based on providing you with the best possible result.