Saira Khan’s Coolsculpting Journey

Saira Khan Coolsculpting

Saira Khan is a British television presenter and a panelist on ITV’s morning show Loose Women.  In 2005, she was the runner-up of The Apprentice. Between 2012 to 2017, Khan co-presented The Martin Lewis Money Show; and in 2015, she presented the ITV series Guess This House  as well as competed on Celebrity Big Brother. Most recently,  in 2019, she competed in Dancing on Ice.

In preparation for Dancing on Ice, Saira came to Revere Clinics to learn about coolsculpting as she wanted to look her best in her Dancing on Ice costumes.

Watch Saria’s coolsculpting journey in the video series below.

Saira’s Consultation at Revere Clinics
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Saira discusses her concerns with Dr Sabika Karim,
and learns details about the CoolSculpting treatment.

Is She a Good Candidate for Coolsculpting?

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Dr Karim demonstrates Revere’s special Coolsculpting mapping

Her Treatment Begins

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Saira undergoes her Coolsculpting treatment

Saira’s Reveal – 12 weeks later
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Saira Khan reveals her CoolSculpting results and
gives her honest feedback.

Saira Returns to Revere Clinics

Post Coolsculpting and Dancing on Ice
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Months after her treatment and after her time on Dancing on Ice,
Saira returns to Revere Clinics to sit and chat about her journey and her Coolsculpting results. To say she’s a Coolsculpting convert is an understatement.